Covid Landscape

With shorter days, grey skies, numerous damp days and a second lockdown the Covid landscape presents a bleak picture.

Covid has impacted everyone in one way or another. Job losses, furlough or additional work duties. Or, you fell through the cracks and were left in limbo.

As our treadmills paused during the first lockdown, life came to a grinding halt for many.

Suddenly there was an abundance of time…

…to do nothing!

Those with a glass half-empty attitude tended to dwell on what had been lost, while the glass half-full crew dug deeper.

Some vegged out in front of the tv, indulging in films and box sets - favourite comfort foods and drinks at hand, others were animated.

The magic of time allows the mind to step back, reset and reflect. Thoughts emerge and, with those thoughts, an array of ideas.

Ideas create opportunities and therefore hope.

The pandemic has been life changing for many. No-one knows if and when the pandemic will end.

As we emerged from lockdown with the mass movement of people returning to work, school and university, a second wave of infection was inevitable. This was compounded by the need to retreat indoors as the summer months drew to a close .

In the absence of an effective vaccine, uncertainty is the stressor as people continue to worry about their work, wealth, health and families.

You can rest assured that however good or bad your situation, it will change.