Tweet Yourself to a Dose of Nature

Before the digital revolution and onslaught of social media we associated a tweet with the sound of a young bird.

A little reminder during this week of Mental Health Awareness. The theme is nature – the very thing our ancestors were very much an integral part of for centuries.

In more recent generations, society has been gradually drawn into the man-made world. An artificial world where the essence of nature had been forgotten. That’s until the Covid pandemic came along.

When the government prescribed a combination of social-distancing measures and national lockdowns in its attempt to combat Covid, it had a toxic effect on society’s wellbeing. During seemingly endless long dark months many felt isolated, lonely, anxious and frustrated. Some coped by reconnecting with nature; discovered its remarkable healing powers.

There is no doubt that nature has a positive impact on our wellbeing. It helps clear the mind, engages the senses and provides a range of physical, psychological and emotional benefits.

From a personal perspective being at one with our natural habitat helps boost cognitive functioning. It has an almost instant calming effect.  And subsequently, a relaxed mind. It seems to reset, then drift along in its own world – in different directions which are both positive and creative.

It’s not just about being in nature but how you connect and engage with it.

As I write this, I receive an e-mail from England Squash stating:

It’s official! We’re all excited to announce that from Monday 17 May, you can play full court squash with different households.

To emphasize the significance, it continued with…

This means you can play multiple households without having to form a squash bubble or play modified versions.

It’s the message all squash enthusiasts have been waiting to receive for the past 14 months.

As we welcome this next step of greater freedoms with open arms, let’s hope that those who tapped into the wonders of nature during the pandemic, continue to do so as they start to rebuild their lives.

If you’ve been a slave to your bosses and digital gadgets this week, make sure you take a break this weekend. Try to reconnect with the very thing we are part of – Mother nature itself.

Nature’s not a luxury. It’s free, accessible and in abundance on your doorstep.

Whether you have access to green spaces or not, just take a step outdoors - absorb the fresh air, feel the breeze sweep across your face as it blows away the cobwebs. If the sun’s shining, feel the warmth, the earth beneath your feet. Notice the flowers, their aromas. Watch the clouds form and fade away. Find a park or a tree-lined street.

For the more adventurous, admire the hilltops or tune into the sound of a babbling brook.

Whatever you do, enjoy!