What Now for City?

As the season progressed and Manchester City cruised through the four major competitions, hype suggested they would rewrite history and become the first club to win the `Quadruple’.

Before City set the bar so ridiculously high the `Treble’ was the dream of elite clubs.

But City clearly had the Quadruple in their sights until Tottenham – already looking comfortable in their new stadium – beat them 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on 9 April.

They took that advantage to the Etihad in mid-week and held their nerve to scrape through in what has been called the match of the season.

We are well and truly into `crunch time’ now and all eyes refocused on the Premier League today when City gained revenge over Tottenham in a dog-fight of a match.

It’s a reflection of City’s level and strength in depth that they have been digging out victories despite relatively ordinary performances.

We say no gain without pain, so while the Champions League trophy remains elusive, that hurt could just inspire them to win the Premier League and FA Cup.

Of course, Liverpool are breathing fire down City’s necks, edging them to miss a beat.

If City win all their remaining league matches they are guaranteed to cling on to the title, while Liverpool need to match that and - at the same time - hope City fall short.

Will City fold under pressure? The Anfield faithful will certainly be hoping so.

Liverpool are counter attackers by nature and definitely perform best when underestimated.

Predicting the outcome is a coin toss, so best keep your money in your pocket!