My Way

I try to learn via myself, via daily working with the players. If I ever felt the need to reach out I would but we all have to find our own way.

These are the words of Frank Lampard as he puts the final preparations together for his first season as Chelsea’s head coach.

As the new coach he will be inundated with the opinions and ideas of others. Whether he likes it or not, their views will fill his in-box.

Chelsea’s transfer embargo makes his situation unique and Lampard doesn’t appear to feel the advice he receives from previous managers is relevant.

Reportedly, he has received texts from former Blues managers Guus Hiddinck and Jose Mourinho but seems determined to plough his own furrow.

He’s a bright and determined individual with a strong idea of how he wants to reshape Chelsea. But playing and coaching require different skill-sets and Lampard has just one year in professional management under his belt.

Surely he would be wise to gather information from as many sources as possible.

His first year in charge of Derby was a steep learning curve. This, combined with playing under great managers at Chelsea and Manchester City, adds to his experience.

You can’t prevent onlookers speaking their minds. Best to listen to those views and reserve judgement.

Managing people and processes day-in-day-out is not something you glean from textbooks. It’s best learnt through the daily interactions with the players in those processes - in that, he is right.

In my small squash world, I observe, talk and work with many coaches and teachers inside and outside the sport. In some cases I take the information and adapt it to my unique setting.

Lampard will work hard at reaching his goals. But maybe he would get there a little quicker if he actively encouraged his peers’ views.

Whether he takes the advice or information on board is another matter. He can always filter out what he feels irrelevant.

Coaching is an art and he will find his own way........ but it will take time.