Back to the Drawing Board

The laws of nature dictate what goes up must come down.

So it was only a question of when… when would Liverpool’s unbeaten run of Premier League games come to an end?

A proud Watford can now claim the mantle for the team that brought their phenomenal run – 44 games unbeaten - to an end. And it might prove to be the highlight of Watford’s season; certainly one to archive for the grandchildren.

Liverpool’s 3-0 loss to Watford, alongside defeats to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and Chelsea in the FA Cup, clearly breaks the momentum gathered prior to the PL winter break.

It’s a little reminiscent of last season when Liverpool happened to have a spell with no competitive fixtures in January. Under-par performances followed for which the full cost is well-documented in football’s history.

Pundits are speculating whether the PL winter break is to blame for the recent losses; many rivals will be hoping the wheels have fallen off.

It’s almost impossible to keep up perfect results/performances with the world looking on for the slightest blip. The players are human and there’s no doubt mental and physical fatigue will have crept in during the winter break. This is typical when adrenaline subsides – you suddenly feel the strain and pain from accumulated effort over weeks and months.

I don’t believe Liverpool’s bubble has burst: they are the same team with the same players and characteristics as they were before the break.

Now the stats have been paused Liverpool can refocus on chasing the title. Bystanders will remain on alert but not with the same hawk-eye scrutiny.

All teams must return to the drawing board in adversity to come back stronger. Liverpool’s feet must stay on the pedal for the home stretch. With a 22 point lead over Manchester City in second place with a game in hand, many think the PL title is a given. Complacency at this stage would be their fiercest opponent.

As competition stiffens for the top four PL standings and others fight to avoid relegation, Klopp and his players will make sure they find their mojo again. That’s just what the greats in any walk of life do!