If Not Now, When?

Christmas comes but once a year and for most it’s a period of over-indulgence.

Complaints about weight gain have become the festive norm. Therefore it was no surprise to see some sluggish minds and bodies stumbling around Manchester’s squash courts as hard-core enthusiasts took a time-out from eating and drinking to burn off a few calories.

I’ve got no doubt that promises to shed a few kilos and adopt a healthier diet will top the New Year Resolution charts.

While some look for a quick fix others will be making enquiries at their local gym to get in shape.

But there’s nothing better than an active group or sports club to get you engaged. A mix of fun, banter and physical activity really is the perfect way to get back into shape.

© Courtesy of Maurice Wilson

There are more sports programmes on offer than ever before so we really don’t have any room for excuses.

And that includes everyone. Just look up She Can.

In fact we all `can’. It’s a matter of taking that vital first step.

This is a new year, a new decade. And 2020 has a nice ring to it. So this year in particular may mark the start of a new chapter.

When planning this year’s goals just remember to be SMART or even SMARTER to avoid the February flop.