Oh When the Reds Go Marching On

Anyone involved with the stock market or sport understands that momentum is a performance anomaly that swings in an instant and is difficult to explain.

This time last season Liverpool had a comfortable lead over Manchester City in the Premier League. They proceeded to put in a series of sub-standards performances that cost them the title.

Meanwhile, Manchester City were vying for four titles while Pep Guardiola complained about a fixture backlog.

For the last dozen or so matches of the season the teams were neck and neck before City pipped Liverpool at the post.

Missing out by a single point was a bitter pill to swallow.

Such outcomes can prompt a flight or fight response when competition resumes.

The first test came when City and Liverpool met in the FA Community Shield. To many this is an insignificant tie, although I wrote in my Match of the Day article…

The burning question is whether Liverpool will come out with all guns blazing when the two teams lock horns at Wembley today.

The question has been answered but this time round it’s Klopp who was complaining about a loaded festive schedule.

Liverpool’s unbeaten run continues and many outstanding records are in their sights. But Klopp and his crew will have their eyes focused on just one outcome - the title that has eluded them for 30 years.

And while the Kop will be singing their anthems, Klopp will be doing his level best to keep his players’ feet firmly on the ground.

Media hype heightens with each win, but the reality is we are just past the half-way mark and there’s a long way to go.

There’s no doubt the PL is more competitive than ever with increasing budgets and fresh faces attempting to challenge the Big Six.

With 61-points from 21 matches Liverpool know there’s no room for sloppy draws.

Perhaps someone pointed out that under the old scoring system - with just two points for a win - the Reds would have been crowned PL champions last season.

Any team fancying a pop at the PL title must try to win every match. The bar is set high and a draw against your closest rivals is inadequate.

The 13-point lead Liverpool have (with games in hand) over Manchester City is a healthy cushion, but not insurmountable.

The latest win against Tottenham means they are the first European team to notch up 61-points from their first 21 games.

As the stats stack up and records get broken fans on Merseyside will be hoping Liverpool have a lorra bottle and can see off all-comers in the style we have become accustomed to.