The Lockdown Marathon

Just a few months ago the world was in business as usual mode.

Even the most imaginative would never have envisaged a situation where countries far and wide would be forced under lockdown.

The pervasive nature of COVD-19 has shocked us all and, as during any time of hardship, you see the worst and best of people.

Uncertainty and fear led to panic - selfishness and greed surfaced as hordes of shoppers embarked on a supermarket raid without a second thought for the most needy. They queued hours before opening times and jostled with pensioners to stock their trolleys high; then bought additional fridges for their extra supplies.

The more relaxed were left strolling down aisles of empty shelves in disbelief and bewilderment, staring at labels for what they had planned for dinner.

The low-carb diet vanished overnight - no bread, pasta and rice were seen for weeks on end.

But toilet roll, that still baffles us all.

A basic shop was hard to achieve and, rather than returning home empty-handed, some chose vitamin supplements instead of real food.

A random dented, lonely-looking tin of baked beans and pork sausages in tomato sauce - among the dregs - does nothing to satisfy a vegan’s appetite.

The hopeful persevered, scouring the bottom shelves for out-of-sight, but nutrient-loaded gems. An easy exercise after years of performing squats and lunges.

Others simply sought comfort in drink and cigarettes.

Yes, no-one has seen anything like it. That was pre-lockdown!

Government orders for pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms, sports centres and theatres to close caused a disruption to socialising, health/fitness regimes and entertainment.

When lockdown arrived work and daily routines changed overnight - while care workers stepped up to the plate, millions were left with plenty of time.

Daily pleas, reminders and messages helped the transition to a new norm. A calm has descended and shelves have refilled; wildlife roam freely and tweet louder than ever.

Lockdown has become a marathon and not a sprint. As our emotional endurance, resilience and adaptability are put to the test, some of the most-balanced are starting to waver as they wait with baited breath for an outline of ideas and plans to emerge from lockdown. It remains a journey into the unknown and, for those who are starting to hit the wall, let’s hope the powers that be have come to realise the mental and emotional impact of COVID-19.

Caution is the message filtering through, though we should expect a shimmer of light as we head in a positive direction.