Haslemere Hot Shots

The open invitation to squash sessions in Haslemere went down a treat. Even with the heat there was a healthy turnout and a lot of enthusiasm.

As expected there was a mix of competitive social and league players, which included two Level 1 coaches.

I opted for an open format, asking the group what they wanted to work on.

Some of the responses were judging the ball, movement, basic forehand and backhand and everything else….

In cases like this you have to think on your feet. Finding a balance is the key to everyone getting something out of a session.

The technically stronger players set to work with drills, mainly working on length and consistency, while the rest worked more specifically on the stroke cycle.

They all seemed to get something out of it, whether it was the breakdown of the stroke cycle, a new drill, different approach or something else to think about.

From my viewpoint there were some interesting coaching perspectives too.

Stay tuned to learn more about these topics in forthcoming blogs.