Connecting the Dots

At the end of my previous article I suggested looking for and trying to hit the yellow dots on the squash ball when next on a court.

Spot the Dots

There is more to watching the ball than you realise.

More than Watching the Ball

While watching the ball in game-sports is a simple concept it’s a task that is carried out with varying degrees of efficacy.

It Starts with Watching the Ball

It didn’t surprise me when an experienced player at Haslemere requested judging the ball as a theme to work on. It also reminded me of a blog I have been intending to write for some time.

When Not to Return to the T

A couple of recent trips to my local squash club-night has reminded me of the often misunderstood rule of interference, where players feel they have a right to take up a T position after retrieving a ball.

Squash - Easy to Pick up, Difficult to Put Down

In a previous article the numerous benefits of squash were noted. For the uninitiated, imagine tennis without a net, but a wall for the ball to rebound into the same enclosed playing area (court).

Getting Started with Squash

It’s amazing how chasing a ball around a court can provide such an adrenaline rush. Once hooked, all you need is comfortable indoor sports shoes, a ball and racket.

Tactics: Brain not Brawn

Thinking - brain power - is a dangerous weapon to have in your armoury. Tactics are about choices…not just about what, but when. Getting these right can help you stay ahead of the game and your opponent.



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