Connecting the Dots

At the end of my previous article I suggested looking for and trying to hit the yellow dots on the squash ball when next on a court.

You may have thought it an impossible task as the dots are too small to see as you hurtle around a court just trying to hit the ball. Imagine the days of one-dot balls!

Subsequently you may have brushed it aside as a silly notion.

But if you gave it a go and attempted to hit the dots, did you notice anything different?

While the dots will not always be visible as the ball spins through the air, players find they come into view more frequently than imagined.

More significantly, the majority find they watch with greater focus and attention.

The next time I was on-court training I found myself looking for and trying to connect with the yellow dots. I have never doubted the advantages of following this advice, but it was interesting to note that my training partner had to stop during the second rally due to fatigue, pointing out that my shots were very accurate.

Trying to hit the dots helps you watch the ball all the way onto the racket strings.

You will find you make less unforced errors - often referred to as cheap points.

So it’s a simple matter of connecting the dots and reaping the rewards.