Success in any walk of life comes down to careful planning, commitment and sound execution. Some of the best thought out plans and intentions fall by the wayside for numerous reasons. These may include:

  • insufficient funding
  • ad-hoc approach
  • change of key personnel
  • insufficient personnel
  • poor team morale
  • lack of effective leadership
  • lack of transparency in key processes
  • conflicts in vision
  • poor communication

Change is at the heart of development.

Delivering courses and forums for coaches


  • Brain Storming
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Implementing
  • Assessing
  • Monitoring
Assistance in creating a vision and design model for your club or /organisation

No Two Jobs Alike

There is no typical task in the services I provide as each project varies in nature.

  • Coaching beyond the squash court has included: player interviews, physical and mental assessments, goal-setting, designing training programmes, educational workshops, report writing, designing junior skills awards, managing teams, ...
  • Planning can include anything from budgets to event scheduling
  • Writing: articles, content for web, newsletters, letters, reports, proposals, ...
  • Event Planning and Support: open day, fundraisers, tournaments, ...
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