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Why Squash Coaching?

Everyone (from a complete novice to a world champion) can benefit from coaching. Despite this, novices and intermediates, whether recreational or competitive are often apologetic for taking lessons. Many players have often approached me saying I am not very good and I’m never going to be an A grade but would like to learn how to…

Each client has their own motive for taking lessons, whether this is to improve their technique, tactics, fitness, focus or confidence. A regular weekly booking with a reliable coach allows some essential me time away from the demands of the workplace and home.

Taking a course of lessons is the best initiation for a novice as a coach will encourage safe and correct skill execution from the start. At intermediate levels lessons provide a greater insight and elaborate on the basics, while at an elite level a coach will help keep an athlete on their toes while fine-tuning certain skills. As players progress they learn and train new skills, maintaining or refining existing ones with the view to incorporating these skills into matchplay. The components of performance – mental and physical - apply to all levels; they combine moment to moment in a display of true skill.

My experiences as a squash coach and player allow me to understand the coaching process from both sides of the court: as teacher and pupil. I often hear the statement, I’m too old to learn or you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. As a late bloomer in squash I do not believe it is ever too late to learn or change. After all, learning is not a matter of age but a state of mind.

Increased knowledge, better understanding and enhanced skills result in greater enjoyment


Overall performance consists of physical and mental factors:

  • Tactics: true skill is choosing to play the right shot at the right time
  • Mental Skills: mental wherewithal to manage emotions and dig deep when everything is going against you
  • Technique: ability to execute a stroke efficiently and effectively
  • Fitness: satisfying the physical requirements of any given sport.

Neglecting any aspect is detrimental to overall development and performance...

In any given situation a player needs to be able to anticipate accurately the ball's destination, then move in a balanced manner to an optimal striking position, while selecting an appropriate shot and executing  it in an effective and efficient manner before returning to a central position.  For maximum effect the player must stay focused and calm throughout this complex sequence of activities.


  • On-court
  • Online
  • Technique
  • Tactics
  • Mental Skills
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition


  • Enhanced learning
  • Self-awareness
  • Better practice
  • Improved movement
  • Effective strokeplay
  • All-rounded performance


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Huge thanks and appreciation for René Schellbach's enthusiasm, guidance and hands-on contributions to this website

René Schellbach, Journalist & PR-Expert from Germany